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Originally Posted by Yreal View Post
across the board people are waiting for refunds from all airlines. What are you gonna do never fly again? Just save yourself the hassle and the work, sit back, and use your voucher to go to Greece like you would it in the first place.
All very well for most of us who read this forum, we obviously fly Aegean often so getting vouchers is not the worst thing that can happen.

But what about those (and I'm sure there are thousands) who booked flights for specific work, meetings, weddings, celebrations, or endless other reasons, that do not plan on going to Greece in the foreseeable future?

If Aegean wanted to keep hold of people's money, it should have made the voucher option more attractive, i.e. offering a percentage bonus. Unilaterally deciding to keep the money in their bank account is not an acceptable business practice, and does nothing to endear the airline to passengers.
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