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No, schedule is not. The passenger's contract with DL specifically provides:

"published schedules, flight times, aircraft types, seat assignments, and similar details reflected in the ticket or Deltaís published schedules are not guaranteed and form no part of this contract."
LOL, seriously? Just because they define it to make it convenient for them does not mean itís what itís supposed to be.

Do you pay the barber without the expectation of getting a haircut? You pay, and the assumption is youíll get a haircut within 15-30 minutes in a way thatís pleasing and nice.

The airlines abuse lack of real competition, and idiot customers are clapping their hands asking to be ripped off more.

People buy flights for specific times on specific segments, because they expect to be be delivered somewhere at a specific time and place.

Theres no denying this. People donít buy a ticket hoping they would get somewhere +/- 2 hours. Thatís greed of the airlines.
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