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DL, just like AA & UA, sells fully refundable tickets. It also sells deeply discounted tickets with various restrictions. Up to the passenger. All about consumer choice and not having someone else's choice rammed down your throat.
Regardless of whether a ticket is refundable or not, a passenger pays for a specific service. That includes departure time and arrival time.

How can a passenger be deprived of what they pay for?

imagine you prepay for a haircut at 5pm. Your barber calls you and TELLS you to come at 3pm instead. Youíre at work, and barber keeps your money. Do you think thatís fair?

if airlines can change by 120 minutes, why couldnít passengers change by 120 minutes without consequences?

further, Iím incessantly surprised that American consumers allow corporations to treat them so poorly.

EDIT: many thanks to LAX_Esq for a proper analogy.

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