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The carriers don't "get away" with anything. Rather, passengers agree to contracts which provide for things they later find they dislike.

DL, just like AA & UA, sells fully refundable tickets. It also sells deeply discounted tickets with various restrictions. Up to the passenger. All about consumer choice and not having someone else's choice rammed down your throat.
at least DL gave you notice (as expected by DOT
The Aviation Enforcement Office would consider the denial of refunds in contravention of the policies that were in effect at the time of the ticket purchase to be an unfair and deceptive practice.

The Aviation Enforcement Office would consider a practice of retroactively applying a new definition of cancellation or significant change that disadvantages passengers who purchased tickets under a more generous cancellation or significant change definition to be unfair and deceptive
United still doesn't define what "significant change" is, or when/if their policy changes. their "current" interpretation is 2 hours

United's Jetstream site (equivalent of OP's link to DL's pro site) does say 2 hour or more
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