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Originally Posted by storewanderer View Post
Did you speak with management at the property? Where do employees park? I doubt they valet. Did you explain you have no problem paying the parking fee but just that you are not comfortable having the valet in your car due to COVID?

If they refuse to allow you to self park you should communicate to the hotel management you will be canceling your stay and filing a formal complaint against the property with Marriott Corporate as you feel the property's policy is putting guests (and frankly, staff) at risk. See if they change their tune then.
Never really understood why people always resort to “I’m going to take my business elsewhere” as a normal traveler. Does it feel good to say that? I don’t know. Maybe it does. I get it if you are feeding 5-6 figure events and rooms but if I was the hotel, I will say to the normal Joe Traveler, “thank you for your comments and look forward to welcoming you at a later time.”

having said that, emailing the concierge for other options is the way to go.
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