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Originally Posted by SoFlaGuy View Post
We have an upcoming stay at a Ritz Carlton property which advertises that is has mandatory valet parking only. First venture out of our home, long weekend at a beachfront resort property.

We are being careful about venturing out, (in a hotspot, Florida) and not super comfortable with multiple valets in and out of vehicle. When asked about precautions taken by the valets, the hotel simply responded that "they follow CDC guidelines" with no further information.

I inquired about options in light of not wanting to share our vehicle with multiple valets, and the hotel responded that it was mandatory.

Am I being out of line in requesting an option that does not allow others into my vehicle? Just trying to be careful, especially since the hotel won't say what precaution are taken.

No exactly sure I want a huffing and puffing valet (who may or may not wear a mask) expelling on the interior of my car. I cannot predict their exposure outside of the hotel work environment.

mandatory valet parking means they donít have self parking set up. Can you park off site?
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