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Originally Posted by The_Gate View Post
Went to Zone F, passed through a temperature check, and went to desk. They didn't ask me the questions, or have a confirmation of temp check (I assume the chap just ticked the right answers for me). It was his first day back at work, and he told me that only the North Club Lounge was open (I thought this info was suspect, having look here).
I have since received an email from BA prompting me to fill in the Passenger Tracker form for my return to LHR, which was useful, I wasn't aware that it was compulsory for all passengers returning to UK.
Many thanks to The_Gate for this interesting report, which I'm sure will help others.

This another set of comments from someone not being aware of the many things that have changed since March 2020. I guess it is best not to finger wag here, in the last 24 hours there have been about 5 unconnected stories along the same lines. The information is very readily available (not least in FT) and I do think it useful for anyone travelling at the moment to do some research before arriving at the airport so they are aware of the burgeoning set of rules being developed separately but globally. In particular if you are returning to the UK from outside the Common Travel Area, with very few exceptions you must fill in the Passenger Locator Form, even if you are a UK citizen. This has a lot of questions but it should only take 10 minutes or less to fill in.

But in the spirit of helping those travelling at the moment - there are a large number of countries that now require the operating carrier to check the temperature of passengers before departure. The problems of this testing are well known, not worth repeating here. But if you are travelling to one such country, this is what the set up looks like in Zone F of LHR T5. There are several similar set-ups in T2, where the smaller airlines are relying on hand held infra-red portable detectors.

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