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Mini trip review LHR-WAW

Thought I would give some musings on a trip to Warsaw in CE.

Couldn't check-in online, or look at the seat load - just advised to check in at the airport. No explanation given.

Arrived at T-2hrs, and went to check-in at Zone G. Supervisor asked my destination and waved me through. Got to a desk, and told them my destination, and was redirected to Zone F. Apparently some countries require a temperature check and some questions answered before check in (hence the inability to do online check in). To be fair, the desk lady immediately went to the supervisor to remind her to send Poland bound passengers to Zone F.

Went to Zone F, passed through a temperature check, and went to desk. They didn't ask me the questions, or have a confirmation of temp check (I assume the chap just ticked the right answers for me). It was his first day back at work, and he told me that only the North Club Lounge was open (I thought this info was suspect, having look here).

No FT security but line was very short, security were insisting on belts and shoes off. I did wander over to Galleries North, to have a look around the Terminal, and as expected it was closed. Strange that you cannot sit down and eat a meal in the terminal but you can buy a Mulberry bag.

GC South was open, and was pleasantly surprised at the new system. You QR scan code your table number, and then you can order food and drink on an online menu. It took me 4 attempts to time the wine refill so that I wasn't left with an empty glass. Practice makes perfect. Food servings were tasty, if a little slow. I was there until about 1.15pm and there was no sign of it closing.

Boarding was done from the back, and was a pretty full flight on an A321NEO. CE went back to row 9. Had to remove my mask for passport check, but all was quite efficient.

Flight was pretty uneventful, food offering was as expected, and wine deliveries were prompt. Service was pretty good. CE were handed out forms which needed to be filled in for Polish health authorities (Seat No, Address etc.). They didn't have enough forms for the plane, and weren't entirely sure whether the form should be handed to the cabin crew or to passport control. Eventually the cabin crew took them.

Was able to use an automatic passport gate on arrival, and luggage was prompt. Arrived at my hotel in the centre of Warsaw about 40 mins after landing.

I have since received an email from BA prompting me to fill in the Passenger Tracker form for my return to LHR, which was useful, I wasn't aware that it was compulsory for all passengers returning to UK.

All in all, apart from getting used to wearing a mask for long periods, it was pretty painless but certainly not an enhancement on the whole 'flying experience'
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