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Originally Posted by THEJOCK View Post
Amankila remains an incredibly beautiful resort and in theory is a great combination with Chedi, we just had lots of issues this time around.

Some would be issues anywhere - food was really average (at best), no service at beach club pool for over an hour from 5pm towards 6pm (they were setting up the private beach dinner and basically ignored us because they wanted us to leave because they were concerned of having the complete privacy for the dinner). This beach club issue became the biggest problem as it basically undermined everything you go to an Aman for (in my opinion).

Others more just noticeable compared to the super high standards Aman have set themselves - lots of holes in bed sheets one night, saw the room cleaners twice in one day, upselling...

Then since you were originally asking about the Chedi, there were also just some things that became obvious that could be better having just come from the Chedi - the Chedi afternoon tea is an experience, the afternoon tea at Amankila seems like an afterthought in comparison. The service at Kila comes off as trying too hard sometimes - I don't care if every staff member doesn't use my name every time. I know this is the Aman way, but again compared to Chedi where they don't use your name all the time, but just focus on genuine care, the difference is highlighted.

Finally, the beach was a disaster during our stay. There is nothing Kila can do about this, just unfortunately the amount of rubbish coming into the beach was awful, making the beach unswimmable for very large periods.

Most of our issues came in the first couple of days of our stay, the second half of the stay was much better. Amankila remains a stunning resort, just having been there a couple of times I'm not in a rush to go back.
What a massive difference from our stay just in November!

Weather/currents etc can make such a huge difference too (any rain when you were there? Trash on the beach and rain go hand in hand). The beach was in pristine condition when we were there (barely any rain for MONTHS at that stage).

Food - Shane has sadly left (but onto great new ventures himself) and that may go some way towards explaining food, but it shouldn't dip to the levels it did.
No excuse for poor service, we had great service throughout though. Not a fault at all and truly exceptional.

Curiously I had a few guests who stayed around some holidays in mid/late February to early March just before the virus started raging through who absolutely loved it - but from their photos I do recall seeing the weather was sunny and the beach was looking in great condition.
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