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Originally Posted by jalm1 View Post
I recall a time a while back I got burned with some expiring points which I thought I had transferred but for one reason or another a different pool of points were transferred. Anyway, it seems like there are more gotcha's with TYP than UR/MR.


Maybe I need to give DC another thought...
Yes, TYP is more complicated than UR/MR, but then there's a dedicated Sticky thread in the Citi forum for most TYP issues:

Citi ThankYou points - cancel, downgrade & expiration considerations

of which there is no exact equivalent in the Amex or Chase forums.

So while you have to learn a lot more about Citi TYP points than about Amex MR or Chase UR, there's a good place to learn that here on FT.

Also, you should never to be in a situation with expiring points, and then you won't have to worry about which points get transferred first. But to do that, you have to know how to keep your points from expiring. If you "share" your points, they automatically expire. If you cancel a card rather than downgrading to a no-fee TYP card, they automatically expire. But if instead of canceling you downgrade to a no-fee TYP card, the points are maintained as long as you hold that card (but use it at least occcasionally, because Citi likes to cancel inactive cards).
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