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Originally Posted by Qwkynuf View Post
I am not sure that I understand your distinction. My headphones were in Denver. I paid them $38 and they showed up in a box at my house. I am pretty sure that they shipped them.

If you are suggesting that they charged me more than their direct cost for postage, that seems pretty obvious. If it were my company, I would expect to recover the cost of labor and materials for the packaging and shipping, wouldn't you? Don't get me wrong, I would have *loved* for them to offer to send them to. me for free, as a customer service gesture, but it's not like it was their fault that I left them sitting there in plain sight and walked away.

I did have the option of having them hold the headphones until I could pick them up, but I won't be back in Denver till next week and wanted to have them for a trip this week. I don't believe that there would have been a fee for that.
Yes, they charged you more than their actual cost. But it sounds like they told you the $38 was solely for shipping. That's what irritates me. They should be honest and call it a lost and found fee.
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