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Seems like it. I was there a couple of weeks ago and there were zero cars on the aisle. There were about 5 of us standing there waiting with a national rep, and she was using a walkie talkie to call for cars to be brought up from the back. It was pretty much Hobson's Choice, though she did ask if there was something specific I was looking for (after I passed on a Nissan Sentra). I took the next thing to come out, which turned out to be an Infiniti (QX80? Whatever they call the fancy version of the Armada). Way more car than I needed, but I *really* hate Sentras. I will be back in two weeks, and if they are doing it the same way I will probably ask for a Wrangler.

Edit: I should also mention that I accidentally left my Bose headphones in the cargo area of that Infiniti when I dropped it off, and the National Lost & Found system actually worked. I had to pay 38 bucks to have them shipped back to me, but that was cheaper than buying something new to replace them.
$38? Do you live overseas?
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