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YTL knows how to run hotels and has a long-standing relationship with Marriott in Malaysia (JW, RC, LC etc.). Given that many of Marriott's brands are so utterly different in Asia - particularly at the lower end (Courtyards can be great full-service hotels with lounges etc. Taipei, Iloilo, HK etc.) - it wouldn't surprise me if they start to let elites into the lounge at some point no matter what the official brand standards are.

They will have rebranded this old hotel to AC for a reason - to increase reservations - and if they don't get Platinums or higher booking it because we can go to the Ren or Sheraton for the same price then they will need to be competitive with the other Marriott brands in this price range and open it up.
Indeed. Another setback is AC hotel didn't not offer room service and restaurant is not open after breakfast. Hopefully they improve on that too.
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