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I'm underwhelmed so far. I filled out most of an application, and only in the process realized that the mortgage I might want to refi is in a state that they don't serve, and the one that is eligible with them, the rate is low enough that it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to refi given the current numbers.

So I emailed the above summary to my concierge. They sent another email (not directly responding) saying that because I'm an AMEX customer they're transferring me to concierge #2 . So I emailed the 2nd one the same thing. I never got a reply, but i kept getting emails "Hi, I'm trying to reach out to you" and near-daily phone calls. I replied to one of their emails saying "did you get my previous emali?" Then they texted me, and I replied to that via text as well.

To date I still have no reply that indicates they have received either my emails or my text, just a continuing stream of self-promoting emails "Hi, we still haven't heard from you!".

So I assume their CRM or IT is broken... I mean, if it's having trouble receiving emails from gmail...

At least the calls have mostly stopped.
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