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Some news commentators have suggested that airlines should or will start boarding back to front, with F boarding last. Is AS or any other airline actually doing that or going to do that? I would be pissed if flying F (or the up front MCE/Economy Plus etc. seats), only to find the overhead bins filled with the carry-ons of E- passengers!
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I guess I might be slightly annoyed if I was group A or B while not in F and had to gate check my bag to the luggage carousel on the other end as a result of the overhead space getting gobbled up. But otherwise why would you object to this? This is clearly safer. And I can't imagine Alaska letting the non-F people use the F overhead space before the F passengers have boarded.
Actually just take out the other clauses. Basically you would be annoyed if there was no overhead bin space.
The difference between other passengers (in E- as you say) is that they don't have that sense of entitled that they deserve the overhead bin space.

It's safer to board back to front. I was seated in F last time I flew AS, with 5 passengers on the plane, boarded last, and also didn't sit up front (other people up there), because it just is safer that way.
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