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Originally Posted by vike16 View Post
What this whole thing is showing is that booking on Delta with connections is a fool's errand currently. Fortunately, my flights that I have booked are nonstop and they just changed by a couple hours so no big deal there. The other thing is to book early..I'm glad I did as I can't get the flight that I want now if I had waited until now to book as it is sold out.
I'm actually on the fence about booking more than 1-2 months out on DL currently. In the past I usually booked 6-8 months out. The vast majority of the time (but not always) I found I got the best fare. Sure I knew I was going to have a few rounds of schedule changes in the meantime, but to me that was part of the "fun." Who knows what DL's schedules will look like months down the road. Right now it's almost impossible to book anything in June because so many people had pre-existing reservations. So while that is a case for booking early, I have had to cancel so many things because of COVID and it's a huge combination of credits and refunds I just don't have much confidence in DL to keep a schedule more than 1 or 2 months out.
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