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Originally Posted by ademanuele View Post
I have trip to NY booked with a 241 in August and suspect (hope) it will be cancelled. I have a the British Airways Amex Premium Plus card and the 241 voucher was earned in November 2019.

If I do not renew my BA Amex card in July and the flight in August is cancelled, what happens to the voucher, can I still use it and will it still have what's left of 2 years (plus 6 months extension?) to use it?

Also, similar scenario but what happens if I downgrade to the free BA card?
I downgraded recently to the free card and was told my earned vouchers were safe and could be used as normal (with the 2 years + 6 month extension). To be honest in your situation I would take this route - still having a card will at least allow you to interact with American Express if you need to...

Downgrading is very easy and quick. It took me about 5 minutes on the phone and the replacement card arrived a week later. I suggest you just do it now and you’ll get a few quid back on the fee too.
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