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Originally Posted by Graciecatt View Post
That's what I was wondering - should I book a second flight on a different airline (which one (best refundable policy)? points or cash?) that I am positive is refundable and just wait and see if United cancels my existing flight.
seems like getting refund right now is pretty hard with an airline that's going through cash crunch as badly as UA. I would simply wait until you are more sure about traveling. I would be weary of AA/WN right now, because they schedule more flights and cancel more up close. The only airline to have operated this continuously is B6, so there is no reason they wouldn't fly this in June or later. DL canceled this for part of May, but if they still have it scheduled 2 to 3 weeks before your planned flying date, they should be flying it. I think you will be better served to wait until you are closer to expected traveling date.
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