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Originally Posted by Graciecatt View Post
That's what I was wondering - should I book a second flight on a different airline (which one (best refundable policy)? points or cash?) that I am positive is refundable and just wait and see if United cancels my existing flight.
The only flights that you can be sure are refundable are refundable fares, and those tend to be pretty expensive. In most cases, award flights are refundable, but they are generally subject to refund conditions, so you'd have to look at each program's conditions. United awards are refundable for free with 30 days notice, through the end of the year.

But, honestly, I don't understand why you'd do anything right now. If your United flight gets cancelled, and you're able to get e refund, then that's great; start from scratch at that point. But if it they merely turn a nonstop into a connection, and refuse to refund it on that basis, you're looking at a fight to get refunded: there are over 2000 posts on the refund thread, and I promise you that very few of those are "easiest thing I've ever done in my life." On the other hand, turning it into a travel credit would be simple; you could then rebook for a later date.

I could understand getting a refundable flight on another airline for June, in order to increase your options if one cancels. But I just don't see the hurry to book anything for July or August. There will be plenty of time to book something if it becomes necessary.
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