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Originally Posted by jsloan View Post
There's no way to distinguish a flight that is full from a flight that United has zeroed out due to an intention to cancel. However, that flight is nearly empty on the seat map. While that isn't definitive, I wouldn't expect it to operate, but see above on the difficulty getting a refund from UA if the change isn't large enough, and note that nonstop travel is not guaranteed.

Given current flight loads, I don't see much of a rush to book a separate ticket for July or August. In general, one month of advance purchase should get you a reasonable fare, so I'd be tempted to wait, see what happens with your existing flight, and be prepared to change it if/when it becomes necessary.

Also, AFAIK, United has not announced any inventory limits. They're blocking advanced seat assignments, but if they sell enough tickets, they'll fill every seat.
Thank you so much. This is super helpful. I am curious how you were even able to see the flight and its seat map - when I do a fresh search, it isn't there. I could check the seat map via my own reservation I guess.
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