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Originally Posted by CPH-Flyer View Post
United has stopped calling cancellations for cancellations. They don't cancel flights any longer. They remove them from the schedule. A schedule change is when the flight is removed and you can be reaccommodated within 6 hours, a significant change is if the change is more than 6 hours. A cancellation is only if the flight is removed, and they can't reaccommodate the passenger. So getting a cancellation from United is tricky at best.

I am sure this definition will be challenged, but so far it stands.
So given that UA just removes flights without notice, should I assume that my current flight is already cancelled since it doesn't show up on a fresh search for 6/10? It's UA 255.

Originally Posted by econ View Post
Given the stance UA has adopted on refunds for cancelled flights, I'd be very reluctant to make any cash bookings on UA if your schedule isn't flexible.

I'd go with the miles option since UA is also waiving re-deposit fees as long as it is done 30 days prior to departure.

Then, if you ultimately decide to go in July/August, you can determine if you want to use the funds from your June flight (which there should be a change fee waiver for) towards the July/August flight and cancel the award booking, or just keep the award booking and try for a possible refund or use those funds for something else.
So then maybe I should book a second, easily refundable flight on a different airline? I have plenty of Chase UR and Amex MR - which airline has the best cancellation policy that can get me from BOS-LAX? Or even cash? - flights are certainly cheap enough - I'm more interested in the ease of cancellation.

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