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Originally Posted by rens View Post
Likewise for me. The unrequested contactless card I received had all different numbers. Called Citi to ask about the impact of the account number change on autopay and direct payments by the AA cards that were in place for recurring payments. The advice was that some do transfer automatically and some do not, but there is no way to know which is which. CS suggested to just it and see what happens and go from there.
All in all a frustrating and potentially time consuming experience with very little gain for having a contactless card.
In my experience when the account number changes, those that have it on file for bill pay were auto-updated. I did verify with them but they were all updated. I only have a few things that do this however.

Originally Posted by Herb687 View Post
Another reason why the metal card is a stupid idea. Less convenient for customers (makes my wallet heavier). Much more expensive for Citi. Much less secure (can't be cut up or shredded). Lose lose lose stupidity foisted upon us by dolts in marketing.
I don't personally see the point in the metal. I agree it is less secure since you can't easily shred it. Also, for a travel card, when going through the metal detector at the airport, it's a pain. I previously had my wallet down to the point that I could leave it in my pocket without setting anything off.

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interesting. I've neither heard or seen that before.
The last ~3 replacement cards I've gotten have all had the same account info.
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