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The problem facing many airlines today boils down to the simple issue of cash flow.

Eg, We buy a ticket in January to fly in May, and pay in full at the point of transaction. The airline simply does not keep your cash until May. The money would have been spent on salaries, paying suppliers, on maintenance, on fuel as part of January's revenue.
It has now been almost six weeks since the day MH stopped flying. I would imagine they have no means of doing any large scale cash refunds unless Khazanah decides to grant them another massive cash injection.

Pay attention to the news and you will realise airlines across the globe are facing the same issues. SQ is even exploring the option of sale-and-leaseback of their aircraft to raise funds. Whether Airlines like MH will survive the COVID crisis is anyone's guess, and a petition calling for refunds is the least of their worries.
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