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Originally Posted by bhunt View Post
Most people dont understand how masks and respirators work.

Best thing to keep you from breathing in particles is an N95 respirator that seals tightly on your face. 2 problems with these. 1. People dont adjust the metal bands around nose to make air tight. 2. If you have Covid should not wear these because valve on mask blows your particles out.

Surgical mask: They are actually designed to keep the person wearing it from contaminating sterile environment. Not as good as an N95 but will effectively keep most particles out.

Bandana and other cloth. Same as Surgical mask keeps you from spreading covid more then protecting you from getting covid.

Masks aren't to prevent you from getting sick. They are to prevent you from getting others sick. This is crucially important for asymptomatic folks.

Wash your hands before putting your fingers in places if you don't want to get sick. Or wear gloves and then wash your hands.
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