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Originally Posted by RNE View Post
Hawaii may be the best bet, but it's still not a good one, methinks -- particularly not as soon as summer. The quarantine may be around a lot longer that anyone thinks. And even after it's lifted, it can be re-imposed at a moment's notice, scuttling (once again) travel plans. As states "open up," some outbreaks and flareups throughout the country are inevitable; David Ige will be watching closely.

RNE, suggesting Hawaii in 2020 is not in the cards.
i dont get the logic of predicting doom for 8 mo forward when we are just 6 wks into lockdown and almost universally past peak... if we want to forecast we should include some criteria eg certain threshold of new cases/death we find safe/acceptable for restarting business and then look at models to see when we expect to reach it...
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