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My timeframe is a bit off, as I cannot remember all the details and when, as I am only able to talk to them over the phone.
Sometime months ago I checked in with them again and they said the paperwork was never properly filed, and they will file it.
I check back later and someone says yes, you had the paperwork sent. It has to be re-sent though. And I also learned that the initial person who contacted me no longer works there (though technically they couldn't say that, just said "I don't know who this is"). But if it is no good then we will work on escalating it and closing the case.
I call back again and another person responds and says it takes 3 tries to contact the branch, so I need to wait again as she will send it one more time. But yes, if they don't respond they'll escalate it and get it closed out.
Finally I called back two weeks after that, on the dot, and the person said yes, they didn't respond. Technically they have 4 years though to take care of this. But she will escalate it and see what she can do. She promised much less than the last person, who said they'll just close it.
A few weeks later I see a refund on my card for the deductible, so it seems they have closed it.

I have no documentation of any of this. My credit card company has stopped bothering me for information. Should I request National actually write to me, email vs letter, that they closed it, or give me a status report? Can they re-open it in the future?
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