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Posting an update to my post a few days ago about a COVID-19 related dispute involving TicketMaster and disputing the charge with Amex:

This morning the credit/adjustment appeared on my Amex account mobile app for the full amount of the tickets, $630.20, as well as a small amount of interest charges returned.

Tonight I checked the full website and there was a note on the home screen that my account had been credited per the dispute. When I reviewed the dispute, it was now showing open again (whereas the day I filed it displayed as "closed" minutes after I filed it). It said the investigation was underway and they would advise with updates.

So, it does appear that the $630.20 was indeed a provisional credit, however the initial communications failed to say so. I'm not concerned - based on the documentation I submitted there should be no question. It does give me the option to close the dispute, which will be helpful if TicketMaster does end up refunding at some point.
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