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Originally Posted by snaxmuppet View Post

This is yet another failing of BA IT. Just like a lot of people... I have 3 vouchers for flights not taken... nowhere can I see the value of those vouchers. It is no good just saying that it is the original amount paid because that isn't true. I had a cabin upgrade on one of the flights with a 120 upgrade fee that isn't refundable so the original amount paid doesn't exactly apply. It is very disconcerting to have thousands of pounds as a credit with BA and nothing official to confirm it.
I agree it would be good to have the value quoted in the voucher email.

In your scenario isn't the value what you originally paid + the upgrade? In terms of upgrades all the cost of a POUG would be credited to the voucher. Not as sure on a normal fare upgrade which would include a change fee - you are right that fees for voluntary changes are usually not refunded back, but this is not a refund of course so perhaps you would get the full value of your upgrade and the fee? It may actually be worth you calling to ask what the value is just to clarify.
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