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I'm not happy with this new policy, if every date change < 60 days will constitute a change fee. Especially in the current situation. There are many unknowns right now that will likely not become magically known within 60 days of a flight after September 30th. Particularly for international tickets and places like Hawaii that have instituted quarantine restrictions. There is much speculation the virus will surge again in fall/winter. Flights may be operating before quarantine restrictions are lifted and resorts re-opened a particular locale. Many people will choose not to travel if quarantine restrictions are not lifted and that may be not be known at 60 days out. Heck, it might not even be known if certain resorts or hotels will fold now at 60 days out. This unfortunately seems like a guaranteed stream of revenue on Award change/reinstate fees from members who may likely have no practical choice but to continue sliding their Award reservations out.

Plus, a bit swarmy on AA's part to offer the best miles sale in AA's history through midnight yesterday, and then come out with a significant devaluation for all not EXP today. Very happy now I didn't purchase any additional miles. It did cross my mind and I'd be mad as heck with AA right now if I had.
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