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I'm currently booked for November for a trip between Atlanta and Haneda (Japan). Right now, I'm booked for Comfort Plus, but I'm looking at upgrading to Premium Select (I've got enough miles to cover the upgrade, I think).

My question: is there an area to put my bookbag under the seat in front of me? I know there isn't at the front at the bulkhead, but I was unsure with all the motors and mechanisms for the automated footrest for the other seats.

I tried looking it up in reviews, and it looks like some have been able to stow bags under the seat in front. However, one review noted a metal leg right in the middle under the seat in front:

(Youtube video "Delta Premium Select Cabin Review 777 - 200LR - LAX - SYDNEY" by Jessica Pinkstone - at the 9:18 mark)

My flight specifically is on a BOEING 777-200LR, going both ways. My bookbag is roughly 13 or 14 inches wide. I'd prefer to have ready access to my stuff in this bag, rather than having to go in the overhead each time. So would the upgrade work for me, or stay in Comfort Plus?
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