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Originally Posted by flying_kittens View Post
Thank you for this detailed trip report. I have PreCheck. Booked a flight for April 8. I’ll eat breakfast at home, because I’m avoiding anyone else preparing my food unless I am desperately hungry.

Because I’ll be gone for so long, I am bringing my two cats with me. I would have booked two FC seats, but only one pet is allowed in that cabin. I bought a row of three Premium Coach seats for social distancing and comfort/space to tend to the cats if they get stressed. Luckily it’s just two hours. The MVP phone rep was “pretty sure” TSA would let me walk through the metal detector with one cat and then go back and carry the second one through. Carrying both at one could result in pandemonium.

I’ll be reserving a town car because of the 10 minute walk to the ride share space with two cats, and to reduce virus exposure from Uber and Lyft which have more rider turnover.
If you have two carriers they'll probably let you do that. I had a very difficult cat episode at BUR and TSA there was unbelievably helpful (details are probably way too OT for this thread). PDX security is so quiet right now that you shouldn't have too many problems - it will probably make it easier than it normally would be. There were many, many more TSA agents than pax when I was going through on 3/29. Also, bring extra pee pads to put under the outside of the carriers in the plane and the town car - they get bunched up inside the carrier, and on one of my cat transport trips the cat managed to hold it until about 20 minutes from the end. Fortunately it didn't get on the car upholstery.

And all the restrooms were open along the trip from PDX through LAX.
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