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Originally Posted by samyoull View Post
This makes literally no sense.

NZ has 777's and 787's, and for the most part they're going to use them as soon as things open back up – even if it's for predominantly cargo runs.
When flights kick off again, airlines will probably schedule the smallest aircraft they can on routes, for example, that are one a day, even if it had to make a stop.

They don’t want to put a 300 seater & sell only 100 seats, when a 150 seater could have done the job.

When demand increases, they can put on a bigger aircraft.

Air NZ is in an enviable position of having plenty of options in choice of aircraft.

As far as long haul in a 737 ….

I remember an airline, that flew EU to Thailand in a 737, with 1 stop. I think it was Enter air.

A one stop AKL/LAX will probably not happen, but point was, it is possible.
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