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geography might help some airlines recover faster

looking at Air NZ, Australia to NZ - PER, ADL, MEL, SYD, OOL, BNE, CNS (have I missed any ?)

With exception of PER, all could be flown by A320s nonstop. PER/AKL might initially have to be one stop with an a320. Air NZ has traffic rights to sell an Australian domestic sector in isolation.

looking at Air NZ, from NZ to North America - YVR, SFO, LAX, EWR (NZ could use widebodied aircraft OR, it could do 1 stop with A320s)

so that's 7 x 4 = 28 routes

Qantas could never even come close unless it started flying to USA via AKL or somewhere similar.

The same advantage would apply to flights Australia to UK/EU. Singapore Airlines, Emirates etc. & any airline using a hub & spoke system, would have a huge advantage over nonstop flights.

As Qantas owns nearly 50% of Fiji Airways(FJ), wonder if they are talking to FJ & FIji govt right now about options of flying to North America, when things start to resume to normal ?

That way they could operate A330s or smaller aircraft on a one stop strategy.

If I recall correctly Air NZ used to fly NAN/LAX using a 767-300ER decade or 15 years ago.

Air NZ already transports many from Australia to North America 1 stop.

If consumers had the option of flying Air NZ, 2 stops to North America at $x or nonstop for 3 times $X, many would go for the latter, especially in a recssion.
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