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Originally Posted by JJeffrey View Post always have to call AA reservations to get miles from an award ticket re-deposited. Sending an email to AA customer relations is NOT the way to go. A mileage upgrade is considered an award ticket no different than any other award ticket.

Virus pandemic or not, it's always been possible to re-deposit the miles from an upgrade award, anyone that's not EXP just has to pay the $150 re-deposit fee.

Under normal circumstances the $$ co-pay is non-refundable, however the trick now is just finding a sympathetic agent who will cancel and refund everything for no fee. This board is now littered with the same questions over and over about if/how/when/why to get refunds and redeposits for cancelled tickets, lots of examples of some folks calling one agent who says they must pay redeposit fee, calling the next agent who cancels and refunds everything with no fee.

For a flight that's not for over a month your best bet is to just wait and see if AA cancels the flight or changes the schedules. If/when this happens you can for sure call and cancel everything for a full refund, for no fee. My flights for early and mid April are still showing operating as usual, of course we all know in all likelihood that will change.
FWIW, I had a similar situation a few years ago where I had confirmed a miles+copay upgrade and the flight was cancelled (albeit due to a mechanical issue.) I reached out to AA via Twitter DM and the agent reinstated my miles (almost immediately) and I had to wait a few days for the copay refund to be processed.
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