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Originally Posted by karthi525 View Post
I have travel to india in June, My sons (child) US passport expires in August and he has an OCI card. Will he have issues traveling given passport will be less than 6 months in validity, here in US or in India. Assuming I renew it now, Just not sure with all coronavirus scare going on if expedite renewal will happen. If it is renewed is carrying that, the old passport and OCI sufficient. Or should I just not renew now ?
Even without an expedited renewal, I would expect that US passport applications submitted today would be back before mid-May.

Demand for ordinary US passports has probably plummeted or is about to plummet, so unless the delivery services have slow-downs or the government goes to a partial shut-down for even the passport-issuing facilities, things should work out. If really worried about getting it back on time, then look into making an appointment at (and rushing to) a US Passport Agency office to do a same-day/next-day turn for a passport application, as the US fees for the expedited passport are the same whether applied in person at a US Passport Agency office or done via other channels.
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