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It seems the more I read/watch the news, the more nervous I get. It had never crossed my mind to cancel my trip until now, not quite sure what to do. I'm scheduled to fly out next week to Mexico for an all-inclusive vacation, and looking for insight on what to do. Everyone in our group is relatively young and healthy, flying from Canada (YUL-CUN). I was planning on using common sense and extra hand-washing, but I'm starting to get worried. I know money shouldn't be a deciding factor, but it's still a pricey trip that was booked as non-refundable (back in early February). I realize the more at-risk environments would include the airports, actual plane, and food at the buffets. Am I being foolish by still wanting to go? I'm trying to separate hype from facts, and it's not easy.
please just cancel it and advise your groups to do the same. Think about how bad you'll feel if you end up catching the disease and bring it it to your family, friends and colleagues. Think about the cleanliness of the buffet at the hotel.

plus, I'm scheduled to go there during the same period, and cancellations by others will reduce the price of my refundable hotel and award flight
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