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The odd thing about that is they are very late cancelling, and they are cancelling during the high season which will without doubt be better than the past 4 months have been. Airlines who cancelled did so by the beginning of 2020 at the latest, after they didn't get the expected traffic during the holidays. I'm not saying the economic situation isn't a big reason, I just feel there was another contributing factor that finally tipped the balance and pushed the decision through.
I definitely find the timing confusing as well - a two-month notice is both a bit long for a crisis-response and atypically short/oddly timed for a suspension of a long-standing service for commercial reasons. Maybe it's as simple as an accountant calculating they have enough fully-paid-for tickets for services before 11May to be worth operating but not enough for after 11May. Whatever the proximate cause is, I can't say I'm surprised that route is being pulled - between the pandemic-led global downturn in travel and the local economic situation, it's almost a perfect storm.

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My guess is converting at least one of the remaining midhaul 321s to shorthaul, to use the Flybe slots. Seems a bit quick for that to be the reason, but... aren't the Flybe slots in BA's hands from 11 May?
Right, excellent point! That clarifies why that date was chosen - the economic incentives experience a substantial change on that day, and BEY is likely one of the most marginal route on account of length and factors discussed above.

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