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Originally Posted by ironmouse View Post
I have myself and my wife on a booking. An upgrade option shows on the app for 110,000 miles for both pax (2 x 55,000)
Whilst my wife has 64,000 on her account and I have 75,000 on my account neither of us have the required 110,000 to process the upgrade.
I visited a sales office and got the shrug of the shoulders to say that they cant process any upgrades and that I will have to do it at the airport.
It doesn't look possible to upgrade 1 pax at a time, it has to be both as on the booking.
Any suggestions around this? Its annoying to know we have the miles for an individual upgrade.
what is your status with TK? If itís Classic Plus and above you can set up a family account to pool your miles.
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