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Just picked up tonight around 1045pm. What a lovely experience with Hertz. Definitely going to use them again in the future. The desk agent was great. She signed me up for gold service since this is my first time with them. Booked an H4 and was told they don't have any land Rover evoques. She stated it was a "rare" car. Go figure. She said she had a 2020 QX60 with 2k miles, a Me/Be A220 or a 2019 740i(O6) with 15k. Took the BMW as it was loaded with a lot more features than the other two. She said no extra charge whatsoever since she said in her words "everyone deserves something nice once in a while"

Completely forget to add this but on the lot were the usual suspects. Nissan's/Chevy's/Hyundai's. Some notables were a Q60, and a CLA 45 AMG that was just parked by an attendant. Was so tempted to take that one but only one headlight was working. Even he was confused about that. I did see an evoque but it was an older model and looked beat up. Someone else ran with it. To each their own I guess.

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