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New AA transplant questions

I am Delta PM and have recently relocated to PBI area. As such, American has most of my routes covered without a single connection so am going to be starting to fly them next Wednesday.

Couple questions/observations for you all:
  • One of my trips coming up the beginning of next month is PBI-PHL-(overnight)-PWM and then returning through the same airports. I have never flown in or out of PHL being from the northeast I am used to Acela for that. As a recent transplant to AA, I am also very excited to start exercising my centurion lounge visits as they were almost never strategically positioned with Delta with the exception of SEA. I know PHL-PWM will depart out of another terminal entirely on AA - how long are the connection times between terminals at PHL? I have easily 2-3 hours to kill once arriving at PHL for PWM, and was hoping to be able to spend a few hours in the lounge with an easy transfer to my departing terminal to PWM.
  • Is it me, or are FC fares on AA just generally more expensive? The other thing I thought I saw yesterday while booking some travel is that I think AA might bundle in taxes and everything else into your display price while delta might not do that until you actually get to the checkout page? Or is all this just my imagination and rates are generally in line with other carriers (mainly Delta)?
  • In-flight meal service. WOW. All I can say is what a night and day difference in my meal choices from AA as opposed to DL.
Excited to see how the service and planes are next week!

Happy travels.
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