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Originally Posted by BugsyPal View Post
Unless AMEX has changed things, that is now what one recalls from reading offer/terms.
Neither page you quote is owned by American Express. The first one is completely wrong, the second one is technically right but unclear.

Amex offers 3 options:

1. Pay Over Time Select. You have to manually add any charge over $100 into the POT balance.
2. Pay Over Time Direct. Any charge over $100 is automatically added to the POT balance.
3. Pay Over TIme Travel. Any travel charge is automatically added to the POT balance.

In all three cases, a grace period applies which is exactly the same as on a credit card - if you pay you balance in full every month, no interest is charged. Once you do not pay your balance in full, any charge (be it manually or automatically selected) immediately starts accruing interest and interest will accrue until the entire balance is paid off.

It literally works the same as a credit card except that only a subset of charges can be revolved.
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