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Originally Posted by JimInOhio View Post
Not true. You never could access the Club whenever it was open. No, you had to have been flying from that airport, have a valid BP, and have cleared security. Yes, that’s obvious but the point is there has always been limitation on when you could access the Club. It’s just a question of what those limitations are.
I am afraid ContPlat is completely correct. When I purchased my lifetime RCC membership, many RCCs are on the landside. I can access them without having to fly from the airport. In fact many airport workers bought membership so they can use the clubs for their lunch and other breaks.

Edit: My post (#120) was too far upthread, so I copy part of it here:

I purchased my lifetime membership for $2500 in the late 1990s in Taipei. Shortly afterward UA announced that all business class travelers can use RCC free of charge. I wrote to UA and wanted my payment refunded. A VP in Chicago wrote back to offer me a refund, but reminded me that the membership also allows me to use the RCC when I do not fly UA and when I meet friends at the airport, and also use RCC meeting rooms to hold meetings. I decided not to return my membership because I travel to HKG frequently on other airlines, and the meeting rooms were indeed useful to me at SEA and SFO. After UA stopped selling lifetime membership I contact them about meeting room usage, and was told that yes, your right to use RCC meeting rooms for 3 hours(? can't remember) is in the lifetime membership contract and will continue be effective.

I also remember a conversation with a UA manager at TPE who complained to me that some people working at the airport were using RCC nearly daily but not flying to anywhere, That was the time the RCC was in the land side. She said they asked HQ and suggested some way to limit the use, but was told that there was nothing UA could do until these people's annual membership is up for renewals."

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