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Originally Posted by JimInOhio View Post
You never could access the Club whenever it was open. No, you had to have been flying from that airport, have a valid BP, and have cleared security. Yes, that’s obvious but the point is there has always been limitation on when you could access the Club. It’s just a question of what those limitations are.
Previously members could receive gate passes for admission through TSA solely to access the lounge.

There are entire FT threads discussing the procedure, including quotations from the internal UA system instructing check-in agents how to do this.

When we spent our thousands of dollars on these lifetime memberships, there were literally no limitations on when we could go in during opening hours.

It was advertized to us as a good place to do business with travelling colleagues, a place to meet travelling friends and family during stopovers, an airport oasis, a home away from home.

Only after UA sold numerous discounted quasi-"memberships" through credit card companies, resulting in overcrowded conditions, did UA restrict the access of its annual and three-year members.

In applying those same limitations to life members, UA flagrantly breached our membership contracts.

In presenting our potential case to class action counsel, perhaps the possibility of adding Chase as a codefendant might be mentioned.

I did not add myself plus one to the list in the page-one Wiki because of a reluctance to commit myself to unknown costs, but we are definitely interested.

The likely problem will be finding counsel with resources to withstand the onslaught of UA legal obstructionism.

I am a retired litigator, and none of my comments in this thread should be deemed as legal advice, nor a solicitation to provide same.

With Chase as a codefendant, there might be greater possibilities of obtaining discovery, and an increased pressure to settle, to avoid potential punitive damages if willful and knowing tortious interference with prospective economic advantage can be proven, as mere breach of contract might have lesser remedies.

However, I am not qualified to knowledgeably opine on the full extent of contractual remedies versus those sounding in tort.

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