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I have exactly the same issue, I wanted to use the 75N cert for a peak summer night at the Sheraton Seattle at 40k points but it wouldn’t attach online so I had to call. It took the agent a long time to make it happen but I later received an email clearly confirming my reservation had been “paid” with my certificate. All good. But when I was idly checking my reservations online recently I saw that in fact it was displaying as a Points Advance booking and invited me to deduct the points. And so began a back-and-forth email trail with customer services that they now believe is resolved with an email from the hotel stating they see I’m arriving and “am using my points” - um no, I’m using a cert. This is important as the Sheraton Seattle is going up to a Cat6 in March and this cert will no longer be able to be used, so if it’s still a fluff-up there’s going to be even more hassle sorting it out when Bonvoy deducts the 60,000 points from my account two weeks before checkin. Even so, I’m considering letting this ride in the hope that as a known problem there will probably be a fix over the next 6 months, and if not, I’ll have to return back to Bonvoy when I’ll just forward my email chain and they can correct it from there...

But really, Bonvoys IT gremlins just wont go away and it’s us, allegedly their most valued customers, that have to cope with the wreckage. As a lifetime Titanium I am genuinely thinking of taking a status match from Hilton and a couple of years out from Bonvoy as this tale of IT woe is taking up too much of my time, I’ve my own business to run, not Bonvoys!
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