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Originally Posted by FlyingPizza View Post
I've had to make two calls now using my 75N cert. First one was about a week or two ago to make the actual booking, like everyone else said, it seems like the deducted points and re-added them.

Fast forward to this morning when I wake up and check my email to see a reservation confirmation trigger at 1am (So I assume it was the hotel that did it since the hotel is in Japan). They deducted points from my account for the reservation. I have to call in later and get put on hold and now am back to my original points balance and still have the booking. The agent said there was an issue that the reservation said the cert was attached but it really wasn't so they had to actually attach it???

Anyways, hoping I don't need to call again to fix anything...
Email hotel to confirm if an e-cert is properly attached. Donít trust what Marriott tells you.
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