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Coke adds magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and salt to Dasani to give it a proprietary taste; this has been really successful and it is the top-selling bottled water brand in the US (so it isn't hugely surprising that most airlines choose to provide it onboard as part of their Coke contract). I tend to agree it isn't my favorite formulation, but it isn't so far off the taste of tap water that I find it to be a dealbreaker.

There are two other brands of water the Coca-Cola Company sells - Aquarius, which is a more neutral tasting water at a lower price point, and Glaceau Smartwater, a premium competitor to Fiji/Voss/etc.

Delta does stock Glaceau Smartwater on Delta One flights, so if you don't enjoy the taste of Dasani you do have options on international flights.

(Or, you could do the sustainable thing and bring a water bottle from home that you fill up post-security. Many SkyClubs now have a filtered water tap that works great for this, and airports are starting to provide fill stations as well.
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