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Coca Cola is why Dasani -- and you'll never see that change for Delta.

I assume B6 serves Aquafina after they switched to Pepsi.

Originally Posted by ggonzaga View Post
not at all, I would rather drink tap water than Dasani. Bottled water for me is Fiji or Aqua Panna, Dasani and Aquafina are nothing like them.
Well for starters Fiji and Acqua Panna are bottled natural spring water, Dasani and Aquafina are filtered / purified water and combined with successful marketing is why the former command a price premium over the latter.

DL serves other brands outside of the US.

As a whole, Evian is probably the closest thing to Fiji / Acqua Panna that I've seen on any airline though Acqua Panna is now owned by Nestle (via San Pellegrino) so it's conceivable it could be on a plane in the future though in all likelihood you'd just see generic Nestle brand water before seeing Acqua Panna
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