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Always hard to answer because everyoneís objectives are different. If it was me:

Iíd keep the Bonvoy (old SPG) over the Brilliant. First you canít get that card anymore, and Chase only offers the $95 version now. Your main loss is the 50k annual night vs 35k but also donít need to prepay the $300 in travel credit. They both earn 6x at Marriott, and 2x elsewhere. The Brilliant 3x for flights and dining isnít ideal; use Amex Platinum for 5x on flights and Amex Gold for 4x in dining, if you keep the Amex Gold, or even ultimately get the Amex Green at 3x. 3x Amex is much better than 3x Marriott! Both give you the 15 elite nights annually. Marriott Gold is automatic with the Amex Platinum. I hold the Chase Boundless and Amex Bonvoy but too much redundancy, I can see downgrading the Chase card to the no fee Bold card solely for the credit history. The Bold card is weaker earnings all around since it has no fee.

Not sure how long youíve had the Surpass card, but might be worth downgrading unless you really want that (one average 100k) signup bonus. I held two of the no fee Hilton cards (one Amex and one was a Citi convert) but was able to get two 150k upgrade offers! I intend to revert back to the no fee version once fees are due. But as an Amex Platinum cardholder also, you get the Gold status included with that card. So Iíd axe that $95 fee and downgrade.

As for the Delta cards, if the Reserve MQMs arenít a make or break for your status, then stick with the Platinum and save the $200 in fees. If you max out on the first class companion certificate, that might cause you to re-evaluate. The Platinum is a 80k bonus right now and 20k renewal bonus in year 2, so you could always downgrade your Reserve to the no fee Blue card to keep the account open, and get a new Platinum to get the bonus. I recall the MQD waiver is in effect for Platinum and only removed from the Gold card.
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