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Originally Posted by jp12687 View Post
Thursday’s 999 EWR-BRU had the perfect storm
of “...”

first the initial plane had a mechanical issue causing us to need to swap planes with a delay until after midnight.

then when midnight came around there was still no sign of catering.

we finally boarded the plane closed the door and did the safety speech. This is where it goes from “normal” annoyances to “what just happened”

doors are closed and a passenger rushes up and demands to be let off the plane. After a bit of back and forth they bring the jet bridge off and let him off.

they close the door again and go through their checks. Then another group of 4-5 demand to be let off.

so again we go back. Captain makes an announcement that if we have to do it again the crew will time out so leave the plane if you want.

they get off the plane we close the door. Jet bridge goes back. Another 5-6 people decide they want off.

crew timed out. The entire plane is up in arms and angry at the disembarking passengers. The whole thing was just so surreal.
Wow. Just wow.

Last year I was flying SFO > EWR and we circled over EWR in a 767 for very nearly 3 hours before diverting to IAD for fuel. At that point my trip was going to be in vain so I called GS and re-booked myself back from DCA > ORD the next morning instead of EWR > ORD the next day. In the process of trying to deplane (the jet bridge had already been hooked up) the purser actually held me at the door for probably 15 minutes saying she wasn't sure if she could let me off the plane. Eventually she consulted the GA who had brought the bridge out and that GA looked frantic and said "you do realize you can't make him stay on the aircraft if the jet bridge is connected right?" I wasn't upset at all because obviously this was all WX-related and the crew was super professional/good in the midst of it but I was curious what the actual rules were if the jet bridge hadn't been connected. Must have been insanely frustrating for both passengers and crew/ops. Crazy.
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