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If it is a management contract (which I assume) and not ownership any renovations would be up to the current ownership in like with any brand guidelines from Fairmont. Given their portfolio of old railway hotels I suspect their guidelines are broad enough to handle this concrete pile. I know some of the rooms I have had at Fairmonts were downright odd.
Is a good point, they owned less and less these days. And that makes it even stranger.

From what I was led to believe it's less the concrete than the mountain of over spec'ed but under quality steel sitting under that concrete that's the problem. Not insurmountable but costly hard work.

It's only from memory but I'm sure I was told there was (hard to believe) some form of preservation order on the building. Shame as historical record aside, flattening it and making a purpose designed building would allow a huge improvement in layout. And of course the location itself is priceless.
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